2013 Submissions

Legendary Escape Legendary Escape Rated Stars Can you escape?! Adventure - Point 'n Click Christmas Trouble Christmas Trouble Rated Stars Happy Holidays! Adventure - Point 'n Click Clumsy Robber Clumsy Robber Rated Stars Steal the diamond! Adventure - Point 'n Click Donald The Dino 2 Donald The Dino 2 Rated Stars Save your Dino-girlfriend! Adventure - Point 'n Click Prison Break Out Prison Break Out Rated Stars Escape from the prison! Adventure - Point 'n Click Dark Submarine Escape 2 Dark Submarine Escape 2 Rated Stars Escape from the dark submarine! Adventure - Point 'n Click Lab Mouse Escape Lab Mouse Escape Rated Stars Help the little mouse to escape from the lab! Adventure - Point 'n Click Pharaoh's Break Out Pharaoh's Break Out Rated Stars Help Mr. Pharaoh to escape from the toy store! Adventure - Point 'n Click Sonya The Spy 2 Sonya The Spy 2 Rated Stars Save the world! Adventure - Point 'n Click Dark Submarine Escape Dark Submarine Escape Rated Stars Can you escape the submarine? Adventure - Point 'n Click Mental Hospital Escape Mental Hospital Escape Rated Stars Escape from the mental hospital! Adventure - Point 'n Click Time Travelling Time Travelling Rated Stars Time travel through different locations and puzzle your way through the game! Adventure - Point 'n Click Samsara Room Samsara Room Rated Stars Welcome to Samsara Room... Adventure - Point 'n Click Island Ha-Bu-Bu Island Ha-Bu-Bu Rated Stars Can you escape this island called Ha-Bu-Bu? Adventure - Point 'n Click 2013 Shelter 2013 Shelter Rated Stars Save the mankind! Adventure - Point 'n Click Save The Fairyland Save The Fairyland Rated Stars Do you believe in fairy tales? Adventure - Point 'n Click SARA 3 SARA 3 Rated Stars Explore the cold planet! Adventure - Point 'n Click Kindergarten Break Out Kindergarten Break Out Rated Stars Escape from the kindergarten! Adventure - Point 'n Click World Of Steampunk World Of Steampunk Rated Stars Enter the world of steampunk! Adventure - Point 'n Click Escape From Roswell Escape From Roswell Rated Stars Escape from Roswell! Adventure - Point 'n Click Zombie Flood Zombie Flood Rated Stars Save the mankind! Adventure - Point 'n Click Rudolf The Rabbit Rudolf The Rabbit Rated Stars Can you reach the squirrel's birthday party? Adventure - Point 'n Click Saint Devil Saint Devil Rated Stars Help good devil on his mission to cover the streets of the city! Adventure - Point 'n Click Valdis The Viking Valdis The Viking Rated Stars Get back your family legacy! Adventure - Point 'n Click E-Volution E-Volution Rated Stars E-Volution Adventure - Point 'n Click Cursed Princess Cursed Princess Rated Stars Help the cursed princess on her way to creat the loyal army of vampires! Adventure - Point 'n Click Space Job Space Job Rated Stars Find the cosmic treasure! Adventure - Point 'n Click Agent Woof Agent Woof Rated Stars Help Agent Woof on his mission! Adventure - Point 'n Click Kiwi Hood Kiwi Hood Rated Stars Help Mr. Kiwi! Adventure - Point 'n Click Futulady Futulady Rated Stars Help the futuristic lady reach the office without getting caught by boss for being late! Adventure - Point 'n Click Fallen King Fallen King Rated Stars Help the King back to his throne! Adventure - Point 'n Click The Mountaineer The Mountaineer Rated Stars Conguer the highest mountain top of the world! Adventure - Point 'n Click Babylympus Babylympus Rated Stars Did you know that Greek Gods once were children too? Adventure - Point 'n Click Perfect Snowman Perfect Snowman Rated Stars Save the Snowman from the angry kids! Adventure - Point 'n Click
Brave Pawn Brave Pawn Rated Stars Help the brave pawn overthrow the king! Adventure - Point 'n Click Stickman's Dream Stickman's Dream Rated Stars Huide Mr. Stickman back to the stick world! Adventure - Point 'n Click The First Fire The First Fire Rated Stars Help the mankind to reach new era! Adventure - Point 'n Click Adventures Of Valentin Adventures Of Valentin Rated Stars Save the princess! Adventure - Point 'n Click Football Heat Football Heat Rated Stars Can you make it to the big game? Adventure - Point 'n Click Flip The Farmer Flip The Farmer Rated Stars Help Flip home before dark! Adventure - Point 'n Click Dummy Sneak Out Dummy Sneak Out Rated Stars Help dummy sneak out from the factory! Adventure - Point 'n Click Cyclops Salvation Cyclops Salvation Rated Stars Help Cyclops save his beloved one! Adventure - Point 'n Click Frankentory Frankentory Rated Stars Help Frank escape the factory! Adventure - Point 'n Click Wedding Fiasco Wedding Fiasco Rated Stars Escape you own weddings! Adventure - Point 'n Click 2012 Shelter 2012 Shelter Rated Stars Lead the mankind to the new Golden Age! Adventure - Point 'n Click Bermuda Diver Bermuda Diver Rated Stars Explore the seabed of Bermuda. Adventure - Point 'n Click The Last Prince Of Egypt The Last Prince Of Egypt Rated Stars Reveal the ancient Egyptian secret! Adventure - Point 'n Click Outlaw Jack Outlaw Jack Rated Stars Find the treasure before the bad guys! Adventure - Point 'n Click Friendly Wormholes Friendly Wormholes Rated Stars Help lost aliens to the wormholes! Puzzles - Other Raccoon's Break Out Raccoon's Break Out Rated Stars Break out from the zoo! Adventure - Point 'n Click Jul's Getaway Jul's Getaway Rated Stars Help Jul back to his planet! Adventure - Point 'n Click S.A.R.A. 2 S.A.R.A. 2 Rated Stars Use your point and click skills to help S.A.R.A. colonize new planet. Adventure - Point 'n Click Donald The Dino Donald The Dino Rated Stars Help little dino save his parents! Adventure - Point 'n Click Carl The Chef Carl The Chef Rated Stars Help Carl on his journey! Adventure - Point 'n Click Poker Roman Architect Poker Roman Architect Rated Stars It's poker time! Sports - Casino & Gambling S.A.R.A. S.A.R.A. Rated Stars Help "S.A.R.A." to overcome obstacles and find water on Mars. Adventure - Point 'n Click Andy The Athlete Andy The Athlete Rated Stars Time to point and click! Adventure - Point 'n Click
Georg The Ghost Georg The Ghost Rated Stars Help Georg the Ghost escape the castle! Adventure - Point 'n Click Gabriel The Gladiator Gabriel The Gladiator Rated Stars From a slave to the King Of Colosseum! Adventure - Point 'n Click Secundum Secundum Rated Stars In the middle of the night loud mechanical noise wakes your from your slumber... Adventure - Point 'n Click Waldo The Wizard Waldo The Wizard Rated Stars Help the Wizard using your point and click skills. Adventure - Point 'n Click Hugo The Hobo 2 Hugo The Hobo 2 Rated Stars Point and click game with Hugo the Hobo in action! Adventure - Point 'n Click Dor The Dwarf Dor The Dwarf Rated Stars Help Dor The Dwarf get "The Other Ring" in his hands. Adventure - Point 'n Click Johnny Finder 3 Johnny Finder 3 Rated Stars Help Johnny Finder with your point and click skills! Adventure - Point 'n Click Albert the Alien Albert the Alien Rated Stars Use your point and click skills to help Albert escape! Adventure - Point 'n Click Peter The Penguin Peter The Penguin Rated Stars Use your point and click skills to stop global worming! Adventure - Point 'n Click Medieval Biker Medieval Biker Rated Stars Lead your biker through Medieval lands and see if you can make the top hiscore! Sports - Racing Ashley The Existentialist Ashley The Existentialist Rated Stars Use your point and clicks skills to help Ashley find the meaning of her life! Adventure - Point 'n Click Hector Holmes Hector Holmes Rated Stars Help Hector Holmes to find his pants by using you point and click skills! Adventure - Point 'n Click Zombies Hideaway Zombies Hideaway Rated Stars You are trapped in the zombies hideaway, escape before it's too late! Puzzles - Other Gilberd the Knight Gilberd the Knight Rated Stars Point and click through the medieval lands! Adventure - Point 'n Click Witches Hut Mystery Witches Hut Mystery Rated Stars Escape from the spooky witch's hut before the old and angry witch comes home. Puzzles - Other Puppet House Mystery Puppet House Mystery Rated Stars Escape from the spooky puppets house before they come to life and hunt you down :) Puzzles - Other In the Footsteps of Mayan In the Footsteps of Mayan Rated Stars You are trapped in a old house full of Mayan culture and items. Puzzles - Other Hugo the Hobo Hugo the Hobo Rated Stars Hugo is a funny hobo who wants to live his life businessman. Adventure - Point 'n Click Voodoo House Mystery Voodoo House Mystery Rated Stars You are trapped in a scary voodoo house. Use your escaping skills and voodoo yourself out. Puzzles - Other Vampire House Secret Vampire House Secret Rated Stars Use your skills and puzzle your way out before it's too late. Puzzles - Other Farmhouse Secret Farmhouse Secret Rated Stars In order to escape you have you solve puzzles and put together pieces. Puzzles - Other Lady Baba Lady Baba Rated Stars Point and click through the tricky show-business world! Adventure - Point 'n Click Old Castle Mystery Old Castle Mystery Rated Stars You are trapped in the old spooky castle. Make your way out, good luck! Puzzles - Other Justin Beaver Justin Beaver Rated Stars The true love for Justin Beaver isn't a beautiful girl! Ha-Ha-Ha! Adventure - Point 'n Click Attic Jamaway Attic Jamaway Rated Stars Explore the attic of your past and see if there are any youthful passions you've forgotten Puzzles - Other Space Station K3 Space Station K3 Rated Stars After serious time traveling you are trapped in the Space Station K3, escape! Puzzles - Other Ancestors Legacy Ancestors Legacy Rated Stars Are you smart enough to get out of this mansion? Adventure - Point 'n Click FBI Refuge FBI Refuge Rated Stars You find yourself in the secret FBI refuge, try to sneak out as fast as possible. Puzzles - Other Johnny Finder 2 Johnny Finder 2 Rated Stars Help Johnny Finder to get back the Crystal Skull! Adventure - Point 'n Click Chinese Secret Chinese Secret Rated Stars You are locked inside the chinese restaurant, only way out is to solve all the puzzles. Puzzles - Other Shady Old Room Shady Old Room Rated Stars You are locked inside the shady old room, only way out is to solve all the puzzles. Puzzles - Other Honeymoon Secret Honeymoon Secret Rated Stars Honeymoon trip, shouldn't it be the best week in your life? Puzzles - Other Romantic Mystery Romantic Mystery Rated Stars Escape game with romantic atmosphere! Adventure - Point 'n Click Joe the Hillbilly Joe the Hillbilly Rated Stars Help Joe the Hillbilly back to America! Adventure - Point 'n Click Modern Mystery Modern Mystery Rated Stars IMPORTANT - This escape game is for escaping proffessionals only! Very hard! Adventure - Point 'n Click
New Years Eve Secret New Years Eve Secret Rated Stars Happy New Year 2010! Adventure - Point 'n Click Christmas Mystery Christmas Mystery Rated Stars Make your way out and join the rest of the people to celebrate. Puzzles - Other Sonya the Spy Sonya the Spy Rated Stars Point and click game with Sonya the Spy. Is it really that easy to sneak into CERN!? Adventure - Point 'n Click Numeric Madness Numeric Madness Rated Stars Eliminate the numbers till you have clear table. Hope you enjoy! Puzzles - Other Mendeleyev Mystery Mendeleyev Mystery Rated Stars Escape Dr. Mendeleyev home office! Puzzles - Other Dixie the Nerd Dixie the Nerd Rated Stars Help Dixie the Nerd to sneak out from the school without getting beaten up by the bullies! Adventure - Point 'n Click Totem Mystery Totem Mystery Rated Stars Escape this mystery cave with strange totem begging for gold! Adventure - Point 'n Click Hoger the Pirate Hoger the Pirate Rated Stars Help Hoger the Pirate get back to his ship Use your point and click skill! Adventure - Point 'n Click Blue Mask Secret Blue Mask Secret Rated Stars Blue Mask Secret Adventure - Point 'n Click African Lodge African Lodge Rated Stars Escape from the African Lodge! Adventure - Point 'n Click Johnny Finder Johnny Finder Rated Stars Help Johnny Finder to get back the Cup of Absolute Power that was stolen from the museum. Adventure - Point 'n Click Golden Dragon Escape Golden Dragon Escape Rated Stars Escape the Golden Dragon Room by solving different puzzles and combining items. Adventure - Other Journey of Bugzy Journey of Bugzy Rated Stars After huge storm Bugzy is lost and he is really missing his home and family! Adventure - Point 'n Click Rose Dungeon Rose Dungeon Rated Stars Escape the Rose Dungeon. Find hints and items. Combine them and find your way out! Adventure - Other Templar Secret Templar Secret Rated Stars Being locked up in the Knight Templar's cellar is very frustrating, so Escape! Adventure - Other Masonic Mystery Masonic Mystery Rated Stars Many have heared about Freemasons, only few have been in their Royal Lodge...Escape! Adventure - Other Dolls Mystery Dolls Mystery Rated Stars A house owned by the voodoo master... Find items, combine them, solve puzzles and ESCAPE! Adventure - Other